About Us

Welcome to The Rebuttal Webpage and Blog.

The Rebuttal is an Independent Ezine and website that aims to promote and create discussion about Deaf and hearing impaired issues. It is for anyone who is Deaf or hearing impaired. It is also for people who work in the field and who have an interest in Deaf and hearing impaired issues.

The Rebuttal had its birth as a hard hitting and challenging Ezine. It mixes seriousness with humour and takes no prisoners. Mostly The Rebuttal is for YOU – To discuss issues that are important to YOU. It is a publication put together by a dedicated band of volunteers for YOU!!

The original Rebuttal Ezine was created by Gary Kerridge, Adam Brown, Marnie Kerridge and one other reputable Deaf Australian. In recent weeks we have welcomed Tony Nicholas, who is responsible for this fantastic Site and Blog design. The original aim of The Rebuttal was simple – To give a VOICE to Deaf and hearing impaired people about issues that are important to them.

The success of the original Ezine was overwhelming. Feedback that we received suggested that, while the ezine was popular, people wanted a forum where they could respond to and discuss issues immediately. Readers wanted to respond to articles at will or post their own comments without having to wait for the next edition of the Ezine. So here we have it, The Rebuttal website and Blog. Fear not, the popular Ezine will remain, the only difference now is readers have a forum where they can respond at their leisure.