NDIS!!! What Should ScoMo Do??

ScoMo welding without the safety mask

We in Australia are so lucky to have such a talented Prime Minister. The guy is a marvel!! He can do absolutely everything – He can weld –

ScoMo washing hair

Mind you he was advised after trying to weld that he was a much better hairdresser. By golly the man had even done that!

ScoMo cooking curry

But that is not all. You hungry? Well lets hope that ScoMo can visit you soon and cook you a delicious curry!!

ScoMo in a race car

But that’s not all!!! Old Scomo is a bit of a daredevil. I hear Mercedes are hot on his trail. Should he lose the next election they have a spot for him as their lead driver for next seasons Formula 1 championships.

ScoMo with flowers on his head and a Hawaiin shirt

Is there nothing that this man cant do? Some days he even finds time to be Prime Minister and announce how he is going to save the Antarctic. Quite possibly because he had a bad experience in Hawaii where things got a tad to hot!

Perhaps the last comment is just a tad too cynical. Yesterday ScoMo announced that his Government was providing $804 million in funding to expand Australia’s presence in the Antarctic. Apparently, there are “Others” there. Australia had an obligation to protect the Antarctic from the “Others” – Who might those “Others” be? I am betting it is those dastardly Chinese and Russians. There is a treaty down there and Australia, with its strong border policy and all, has to ensure the treaty is upheld and not abused by those rotten “Others”

The announcement was made down in Tasmania. You see, there are one or two votes that he might pick up there. It seems the rest of Australia has given up on him. But this funding is an “Investment”. It will create jobs, many hundreds of them. The jobs will also lead to the creation of supply chains and that will create more jobs.

Long range choppers will be purchased creating jobs in the chopper industry to build them and maintain them. Pilots and mechanics will be needed. What’s more, research will be expanded creating opportunities for scientist and graduates. It will be a bit of an economic boon for Tasmania. But only if Tasmanian’s vote the LNP back.

Cynicism aside, I think it’s great. I think that looking after the Antarctic should be a priority. Protecting the environment and the wildlife there is essential for the planets health. It’s is fantastic and I hope that if Labor get in they continue with it. It’s an investment that will lead to wonderful opportunities for many. So, well done the ScoMo on that!

BUT, and there is always a but, why is the Antarctic seen as an investment that creates opportunities but the NDIS is seen as a cost that is unsustainable? Why are people with a disability seen as a burden that is sending the country broke? Why, at every corner, are the LNP looking to cut the cost of the NDIS? Why is expenditure on disability seen as a cost and not an investment like expenditure on the Antarctic?

ScoMo talks about supply lines and how these supply lines create jobs and opportunities. What about supply lines for people with a disability? Consider this:

  1. Wheelchairs
  2. Hearing Aids
  3. Vehicle Modifications
  4. Home modifications
  5. Hygiene supplies
  6. Assistive technology
  7. Support workers
  8. Interpreters
  9. Therapists
  10. Local Area Coordinators
  11. The NDIA
  12. and so on and so on

Can you imagine how many jobs this is creating? Can you imagine how much stimulus is happening from NDIS expenditure as these people pay tax and spend their hard earnt money? Literally thousands upon thousands of people owe their jobs to people with a disability, including people in the NDIA and Local Area Coordinator Services.

I mean, hell, even by producing shit plans the NDIS is creating opportunities for the legal profession. Last year I hear that reviews and appeals of plans increased by 400%. This year appeals, alone, generated something like $55 million for the legal profession. This is a whopping increase on the $22 million spent last year.

Then, of course, there is a multiplier effect. By providing funding that allows people with a disability to better participate in society they access services. They go to theatre. They go to movies. They attend functions and events. They eat out in restaurants. They don’t do this by themselves. They do it with friends and family as well. Then there is the support and the technology that is creating thousands of jobs. This multiplier effect creates $52.4 billion in economic activity for Australia. That’s not bad for an outlay of $26 Billion is it? A 50% return on investment. I’ll take it. What cost is the NDIS? There doesn’t really appear to be one.

So, ScoMo! You are multi-talented. You can put your mind to almost anything. You can weld, cook, be a hairdresser and race cars. You can even find ways to save the Antarctic and create economic stimulus for Tasmania, all with one well timed $804 million investment. Clearly you are a clever clogs, but not clever enough to see the massive benefit that the NDIS provides for Australia. This is for both people with disability and ablebods alike.

For such a talented bloke I find it really hard to believe that you don’t get it. But I am sure that you can. Just put your mind to it like you do all those other things. YOU CAN DO IT!

And, If you cant, just go away and let the other mob have a go.

For more information on the economic benefits of the NDIS, click HERE

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