Will Audists PLEASE GO AWAY!!

I am having a love hate relationship with Deafness forum at the moment. I get it that they have a broad mandate. I get it that they have to promote hearing health and hearing loss prevention. I know losing your hearing is fucked. It’s hard work. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Ok, let’s do our best for those that can hear and assist them to continue that way because adapting to deafness at a later age is horrible. It is isolating and soul destroying.

BUT that does not give Deafness Forum and excuse to turn every single person with a hearing loss into a sad sack. It does not give Deafness forum an excuse to promote hearing as the utimate  and only way. It does not give them and excuse to turn people with a hearing loss into lesser beings who can only be complete if they hear!

Remember Prawngate?  People may well remember that a hearing aid company advertised tiny hearing aids. They had a photo of a deaf person wearing two prawns behind their ears. You know big ugly things. My wife was so traumatised she could not wear her aids for a year. She has a phobia of prawns you see. Yes, I jest.

The point is that the advertisement painted deafness in a negative light. It depicited deafness as something that needed to be hidden. In doing so it belittles all deaf people. Rightfully the Deaf Community erupted. The company concerned immediately removed the advertisements and apologised.

The Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children did something similar when it had a fundraising campaign depiciting deafblindness with a teddy bear with no ears and no eyes. Likewise they removed the ofending ads when the Deaf community erupted and also apologised.

In the space of two weeks Deafness Forum have shown nothing but rank audism. First they published one of those inspiration porn videos of  tearful parents at Cochlear Implant switch on time – ” Johnny hears I love you for the first time.” type video. We all know what misleading and damaging twaddle this is. Then, inexplicitally, they published a video asking us all if we could hear and identify the different bird calls in the video and finally they had this. Click on the picture to read.

Photograph is of media personality and ABC chair, Ita Butterose.

What is wrong with this article?  Well, once again it depicits deafness in a negative light. It belittles deafness. Says Ita, “My father was so stubborn about his hearing loss. We’d have conversations where I’d say something like, ‘The sun’s out’, and he’d say, ‘Yes, I missed the bus’”

And yet again it paints deafness as something that is embarrassing and needs to be hidden – “We are an ageing population and the hearing aids nowadays are so small and so much better..” The worst thing about the latter comment is that it makes deafness out to be just about getting old – of course it is not and deafness can be found in all age groups.

Now I know Ita meant well. My issue is not with her. My issue is with Deafness Forum sharing this article. As an advocacy organisation Deafness Forum need to be educating the media as to how they should be talking about deafness. They need to be educating the media about using positive imagery and about steering away from the constant negativity surrounding being deaf.

While I acknowledge going deaf can be hard I know there are thousands upon thousands of people who are deaf who don’t want to be constantly depicited as sad sacks that need to be fixed!  More importantly we don’t want hearing to be promoted as the ultimate and only way!

There is a way to promote Deafness in a positve way. Hiding it and denying it is not one! Promoting hearing as the ultimate is not one. We need balance and Deafness Forum at present are not doing that – I am sick of the Audist drivel they are promoting – They have to do better than that!

In closing I present for them a sample of positive imagery in deafness – PLEASE TAKE NOTE!


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