An Ableist Swine!!

Dr Tim Jones writes for the Aim Network. They are a kind of left leaning online Ezine. Like Crikey and The Conversationalist they are having a field day with the current Liberal Party who are dead on their feet. Which would make them Zombies. Except Zombies are scary and dangerous and the Liberals are totally impotent.

Dr Jones wrote a very good article about Julie Bishop. Remember her. That lovely woman who walked out of parliament the moment the discussion of the Bill for a Royal Commission into the Abuse and Deaths of People with a Disability started. That lovely woman who refused to support the compensation claims of Asbestos victims. Or the woman who voted 26 times against a Royal Commission into our corrupt banking sector. She was just lovely our Julie.

But anyway she quit. She quit and she said she would have won the election if the Liberals had made her their leader. This is common among Liberals. When they are upset about something they resign and say the Liberals will win the next election. They then proceed to shoot the party down with a machine gun. Remember Abbott – I won’t be an ex-Prime Minister who meddles or Turnbull who got his son to go about rubbishing the Liberals so that they lost his previously safe seat that had been with the Liberals for 90 years.

But anyway the good thing is that The Liberals are toast. They are done, they are finished. And good riddance to bad rubbish. This was the gist of Dr Jones article. And it was great until Dr Jones turned out to be a dirty, rotten and nasty ableist swine.

Why? Well he said this – “Their leadership is ineffective, with ProMo (Morrison) and Friesenburger (Josh Frydenberg) having the communication skills of Helen Keller”

I will give the reader a moment to digest that.

For those that may not know, Helen Keller is one of the most famous people ever. She was a disability activist, feminist, academic woman who also happened to be Deafblind. Keller is famous all over the world. Keller had a fine intellect and she wrote widely. She travelled the world. She met royalty and Prime Ministers. She was revered everywhere.

This extremely accomplished woman wrote no less than 12 books in her life time. She was the first Deafblind woman to earn a Bachelor degree. She was a philanthropist. She won the Presidential Medal of Freedom. More tellingly Time magazine ranked her in the top 100 most influential people of the 20th Century

In short she was no mug. She had an enormous intellect and she communicated just fine thank you very much. Very fine indeed.

Yet Dr Jones makes a mockery of her! If our Prime Minister, indeed any of our politicians, had the intellect and communication skills of Helen Keller I dare say they wouldn’t have the crap reputation and gross mistrust that they have now. If they had a smattering of the intellect of Keller politics would be better for it.

Yet because Keller was Deafblind and communicated reading lips with her fingers, receiving messages through tactile signs and with interpreters somehow Dr Jones feels that he can belittle her and how she communicated. Somehow alternate communication equates to not being able to communicate at all. Yes, let that sink in too.

That is sad. It is not just sad it is rank. It shows that this world of ours is as ableist as it has ever been. People with a disability cannot be on the same level as anyone else. We are to be pitied, mocked and disregarded. Even if we are among the top 100 influential people the world has ever known! Yes that is what you did Dr Jones!

Shame on you Dr Jones. You may have got it right about the Liberals but at the end of the day you are nothing but an ableist swine!! Let’s see if you have the gumption to apologies or perhaps you are just no better than the politicians you have just so gleefully written off!


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