Incus Films – By Tony Nicholas

Incus Films is a new production group founded by Tracey Savage in consultation with my good self.

We have created a survey, which can be found at

There is a multitude of content out there that has never been captioned and missed out on a big portion of audience and content that is captioned but is not easily accessible. Incus Films goal is to investigate and bridge this gap.

We are investigating building a fully accessible online portal where all films and videos are captioned. The aim is to have a website where Deaf and Hearing Impaired people, as well as those of us who need or enjoy captions for one reason or another can, access all the films and videos on the site knowing every one of them is captioned.

Our first foray into accessible media was the Read My Shorts, short film festival, staged in Sydney, Australia, and ran for six weeks in 2010. Every film shown at the festival was captioned. For Deaf and Hearing Impaired people, they had a choice of screenings, and for the film makers, it opened up a potential new audience. This project is a follow on from that.

To help us create the best site possible, we need your help.

It is a series of qestions about how you watch content and how you use captions (whether you do or not your input is still valid). We would appreciate it if you would take the time to complete this survey. If you would also forward this to family, friends and networks, that would be good.The data we receive, will be used to help inform the potential for this online portal. We want to create a product with high quality, accessible captioned film and video, with the best possible user interface.

We also plan to raise funds to get this project off the ground, pending the outcome of this and other market research. It will be a great way to access content never captioned before and another portal for filmmakers to get their work to a larger audience.

That’s why your input is really important.

If you have any questions you can write to:

Tracey Savage or I, will be happy to answer.

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