Going Going Gone??

It is with profound regret, that for the first time ever, The Rebuttal has had to remove an article.

The Rebuttal worked closely with several members of the SA Deaf Community to put this article together. We felt the article offered a balanced view of the issues that were at hand in regard the sale of ‘262’. If there were any perceived inaccuracies these pages are available to put alternative arguments or information.

We were careful to point out that we realised it was a difficult decision and that several strategies have been tried in the past with limited success. The only request was that the future of the SA Deaf community be paramount in any decision.

It has come to our attention that some people that helped us put this article together now fear victimization. This is totally unacceptable and we hope that it does not occur.

We invite the management of Deaf Can Do to use these pages to set the record straight. Transparency will go a long way.

We repeat, victimization or fear of it is unacceptable.

We thank the members of the SA Deaf Community who were brave enough and concerned enough to want to speak out. Stand proud!

4 thoughts on “Going Going Gone??

  1. This issue has raised its ugly head many times in the past. The simple fact is that the building is of a very old fashioned design as well as being inefficient. The rooms are an odd shape ceilings are high and so on. The question always remains, what the hell to do with the building? If it were sold it would’t get all that much as it is listed. One solution would be to arrange a long lease to someone like a museum or an university. Pfo and get a suitable property for the Deaf community with the proceeds.

  2. Is anyone really, and I mean REALLY, surprised by this? When you consider the past mismanagement of funds, the ever revolving door or CEO’s and a name change that is bordering comical, that 262 is back in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. They should have left the RSADS as it was. If it ain’t broke don’t stuff with it!

  3. Maybe its time to Name shame those who threaten us for speeking up in times off need do not fear anyone anywhere

  4. There’s badges sold in supermarkets the proceeds towards some organisation such as Cochlear Implant or other organisation that aims to make Deaf people hear (hearing perspective) Why dont we create a badge and have it sold at supermarkets and have its proceeds towards ‘262’…or can we try & submit our stories of the Deaf Clubs to a higher profiler such as for example Lindsay Fox…someone of that calibre that could put investment into our Deaf Community…Of course then we would have to somehow show them worth their investment … or someone who have the heart like Lindsay Fox, to save our ‘262’ Club…Could we perhaps as the Deaf nation come together and help and support…Like $5 dollars from all members around australia and their hearing friends and families and interpreters… Just thought to give some ideas on how we can save it….How do other buildings in Adelaide maintain their building so that ‘262’ can follow its footstep. Or why not allow the theatre room at the ‘262’ be of a theatre services for anybody like once a month and that money could proceed towards the building cost etc…

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