Is it any Wonder!!!

See below an email that has been sent to the Government to bring to their attention the many dis-satisfied responses to Captiview.

See below that the automated response that was received and bang head against nearest wall. The email was also sent to Deafness Forum who have, as we understand, received several emails on the subject and not responded. As an ex-Board member I apologise, I feel truly ashamed.


We noticed your latest media release. We are concerned that Captiview is being promoted as the answer. Many deaf people are not satisfied with the system. Deaf people are the market for this system. They are a substantial market not a charity case. If you give them an inferior product they will switch off in droves.

What is concerning is that several have written into organisations like Deafness Forum and have not had their concerns responded to. In fact they have been completely ignored.

Please see the following links;

These articles highlight a number of very concerning issues.

You will clearly see there are many dis-satisfied customers and when they complain they are being completely ignored.

This email has been placed at our Blog and has been sent on behalf of the many dis-satisfied deaf cinema goers. We urge you to address their concerns and show them the respect they deserve. It is a substantial market and no market of such size would ever be treated with such incredible disrespect.

The Rebuttal Team


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Wednesday, 27 July, 2011 9:54 PM
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Thank you for contacting the Accessible Cinema Advisory Group. Your feedback and comments toward this consultation process are valuable to us. We regret that we cannot individually respond to each email. Your feedback will help inform the Advisory Group to prepare and distribute updated information intended to address the issues raised by yourself and other members of the public. Updated information will be distributed through the members of the Cinema Access Advisory Group and also through the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs website on the following link.

We value your right to privacy. If you have written regarding personal accessibility issues with a specific cinema, we will contact you to confirm if you would like to have your email forwarded to the appropriate Cinema chain to have the matter pursued directly.