Election Time – Who Do you Barrack For?

That bloody Abbott!!!  He is a bloody moron. He wants to bring back Work Choices.  Work Choices is a shocker! I mean the bosses can sack you if they feel like it! If your nose is too big they can just make up some excuse  and you’re out the door. You vote for Abbott and I can tell ya now… Work choices will be back. ITS BAD! 

That bloody Gillard … she is a crock of sh@t. Look what her and bloody Labor have done to the economy. Australia  is broke! We have no money to pay for anything.  Gillard and Labor couldn’t organise themselves to get out of a paper  bag I tell ya. 100 million smackeroos a day we gotta pay cos of those dimwits. What’s more you cant trust the woman. Bloody backstabber. Look what she did to Ruddy. What a frigging disgrace.

You think Gillard’s bad? Well I tell ya if Abbott gets in all the bloody teenage girls at school will be pregnant. He is a catholic you know. Contraception will be banned .. Sex before marriage will be outlawed. Abbott will make all the women stay at home. AND blow me down!!! All the kids will have to read the bible in the morning. What about if your a Muslim. He will just send em back home. JAYSUS he will send us back to the 17th century!!

And Gillard FFS! She wants to let all the boats in. She reckons she is trying to find a way to keep em out. BOLLOCKS. She just wants them to stop over in Timor so they can be cleaned and fed before they come to Australia!!  Processing centre??? Oh! – Don’t come the raw  prawn with me. It’s just a stop over and they will rubber stamp nearly all of em. The odd unlucky one will be sent home to give their so called system some credibility! Abbott will stop the boats .. mark my words the Liberals did it before.  Labor PBFFFTTTT – bloody bunch of nursemaids the lot of em..

And did you hear what Abbott will do for cinema captioning – you know he says its WAFFLE – said so in the paper today. Cinema captioning is a waste of time! If Abbott gets in  none of the captioning stuff we won will get through. He wont care! He will chuck it out. He ain’t gonna waste time and money on us I tell ya. HE SAID IT WAS WAFFLE! Got a screw lose that bloke has!

Labor and climate change policy!! Oh pull the other one. Did ya know Labor have done a deal with the Greens … That bunch of hippy  loonies! Bob Brown will be the Deputy PM if we vote LABOR. STREWTH if you vote Labor you wont even be able to cut a tree down in the back yard! You’ll have to fill  bloody form in the size of a Harry Potter book! And anyway what climate change. You cant tell me the worlds getting hotter. It’s bloody freezing in Melbourne and we have had so much rain I am expecting Noah any moment now.  Yeah – another bloody boat – that’s just what we NEED!

And it goes on and on and on. Everyone has a view of Abbott and Gillard it seems. But who really knows? is Gillard’s $12 ooo  early intervention policy for kids with a disability better than Abbott’s $20 000. Who knows the detail of the policy. Perhaps the reality of Gillard’s policy is that it will be so full of red tape that no-one will know what they are entitled too. Perhaps so few people will be eligible for Abbott’s $20 000 in intervention support that Gillard’s program actually pays more. DO YOU KNOW? I certainly don’t! I haven’t looked at the policy in detail. But mark my words the average voter will have already decided without even knowing the detail of the policy.

You see in Australia we vote for political parties like we barrack for football teams. No matter how bad or good a Government is most of us never change our vote. There are a bunch of swinging voters that make the change each election and sometimes people are convinced that a Government has just become boring so we will give the other mob a go. VERY VERY VERY few know the details. They will believe everything that they read in the paper that makes the team that they support look good. Gillard releases a $12 000 disability policy and the next day Abbott releases a $20 000 one. One group will say Gillard’s is better and that Abbotts has just put his policy out to try and look better, Go LABOR!. The next group will say $ 20 000 – that’s $8 000 more than Labor – Go LIBERALS!

And thats how we vote. We chose a team and we stick with it. We claim to know the detail but very few of us do. Abbott says we are broke one day and the next the Reserve  Bank comes out and says that Australias debt is the lowest among comparable countries and we are relatively health. Gillard will come out the  next day and say – “SEE – we know how to run the economy.” – then Abbott will come out and say – ” See cos the Liberals were so good the last time in Government the Australian economy is in tip top shape, just watch Labor muck it up!”  And of course most of us will hang off every word depending on who we barrack for.

ME – I just get on with it.  I vote Labor cos me dad did. If I don’t like Labor at the time, then the voting slip makes a good drawing pad EYYYYEEE OOOORRR.  It’s all a bit of a joke really – isn’t it?? At least I am honest about it – ARE YOU??