Diary of a Coda by Aden Kerridge Aged 12 .. pretending to be 8!

Dear diary,

Today we went to the doctors for my general check up, we waited for the interpreter to come in to the waiting room.

When she arrived her and daddy started to have a chat with the interpreter, apparently it was funny cause they both started laughing quite loudly in the waiting room, how embarrassing that everyone had to hear my daddys snort.

I like it when the interpreters come because they are usually friendly and they often make good conversation.

When the doctor called us in daddy and the interpreter walked in with me, they comforted me and said everthings gonna be all right.

When I came in the doctor said hello to me and my daddy, he then greeted the interpreter as my mummy. The interpreter explained that she was not my mummy but an interpreter.

The doctor said sorry and soon focused his attention to me. When he checked me he said that I had a minor chest infection and that he would prescribe me to some medicine. When he talked about my check up he was always talking to the interpreter, not to my dad.

When he finished he printed a  prescription and gave it to my dad while explaining the instructions too the interpreter.

When we got out of the practice we went to get the medicine and then we went to buy some lollies for the meeting tommorow night at the deaf social club, which mummys looking forward to.