Diary of a CODA – By Aden Kerridge, aged 12


Dear diary,

Today we went to the park, we went with mummy and daddy, I was really excited about going there, the slide and the swings are really really good fun.

When we got there dad accidently hit his door on a BMW leaving a small dent in the door. The rich man who owned the BMW came and started yelling at daddy using bad language and rude gestures. Daddy had to explain that he was deaf and that he couldn’t hear, but the bad man didn’t care and he said that daddy had to pay for the dent.

Daddy said “what? – I can’t hear you.”

So the man repeated his statement, but dad said the same thing as before. So he repeated the question but dad stated “look i cant understand you,  I’ll go to the shops and buy a pen and paper, okay?”

So we got in the car but didn’t go to the shops but to a different parking spot. Daddy called the man a jerk and that the man needs to get a life. Then we went to the play ground and I went on the swing and slide. I also met a girl who kept on asking if I liked cats and I said yes, but she kept on asking me, so I called her an idiot in sign language, mum unfortunatly saw me.

On our way home we stopped for ice-cream and the man who owned the BMW drove by and called my dad a scumbag, I thought it would be best not to tell him.

5 thoughts on “Diary of a CODA – By Aden Kerridge, aged 12

  1. I think your Daddy should have owned up to what he did to that BMW. I seriously don’t think he didn’t know what was going on.

  2. Well being the daddy I can say I didn’t actualy dent it .. just tapped it as the door was being opened and the owner had a complete over-reaction 🙂 ….

  3. the dent no one could see it was that small so the daddy felt that the man was trying to sucker daddy into more money.
    so thats the reason.

  4. Lord protect us in the face of the angry motorists lol…. a CODA’s lot is not a happy one is it. My partner’s children are much the same, they say too, their mum got all sorts of nasty and abusive comments hurled at her they never told her about…. I’m sure I get more than my fair share too lol. You do wonder what effect it has on CODA’s… do they get upset ?

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