Desma Hunts Diaries #8

housewife_weilding_frying_panOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH .. I am just so pent up. I just received an email from my friend Michael. Oh he is such a lovely man. I could have had piece of him in another life .. Alas it is too late.  My hormones aside, his email just made me soooooo angry!

Michael is deaf of course. Like many of us he enjoys the captioned cinema experience. Every week here in Melbourne thousands scan the newspaper for the solitary captioned movie for the week. It is at the Jam Factory and we have just one time, usually on a Sunday. We trek in, drive in, tram  in, train in – whatever takes our fancy. Often we don’t even like the movie but go because its the only one captioned and afterwards we get to have coffee with friends anyway. The movie is often just the excuse for a good old finger wag. But anyway Melbourne is our only choice because none of the suburban cinemas offer captioned movies.

Unlike our hearing peers we do not have hundred’s of movies to chose from. We are limited to just one a week. So imagine how it was for my poor friend Michael who made the trek in to Melbourne to see a movie only to be told that the time advertised in the newspaper was wrong and that the movie with captions had been shown two hours earlier.  I know people who make the trek in from as far as Bendigo which is 150 kms away. I shudder to think of any of these people travelling in for the movie only to be told the movie with captions had been shown two hours earlier because someone messed up the advertising time in the newspaper. Quite rightly Michael was furious and I am furious for him.

To add insult to injury he was told that he could come the next Sunday as there would be another captioned movie. When he pointed out that he was particularly keen to enjoy the movie he had just missed he was told not to worry because it would soon be out on DVD and with captions. When he pointed out that the DVD experience was not quite the same as the cinema they looked at him as if he was a trouble maker. He was offered free tickets which he politely refused. I would have told them where to put their tickets and I tell you it would not have been in the bin and it would have caused great pain!

Michael is not one to take things lying down. He wrote a strongly worded letter to the cinema who laid the blame squarely at the feet of the newspapers for advertising the wrong time and promised to check more diligently in the future that the captioned movies were advertised correctly. AND then AND then, the patronising so and so’s said they had placed his letter on the staff notice board so that staff could better understand his needs. Like the tickets I can think of a better place for it!

I’m Desma Hunt, I’m deaf and I hate IT! (sometimes)

One thought on “Desma Hunts Diaries #8

  1. This problem is not new. Been going around for years. It is a pathetic excuse from the cinema. If they were fair dinkum, they should have provided him free accomodation so to allow him to watch the later screening or to come back the next week especially if people are coming from as far as 100klm away. Doesnt these people know the cost of travelling to and fro the cinema far exceeds what other ‘abled bodied’ people pay?

    I sincerely hope the likes of Deafness Forum, Deaf Australia and other likeminded organisations will write to the cinema raising this incident and to remind them of their obligations (as well as implications) to not stuff Deaf and hearing impaired people around!

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