Desma Hunts Diaries #7

cleaningladyI am so proud to be Deaf today. All of us know of the terrible Bushfires in Victoria. It is shocking and many Deaf and hard of hearing people have been affected. Well the Deaf community have shown its strength and compassion. They got together today, four key organisations, small and not rich, all with limited resources to organise a fundraiser this coming Saturday.

It brought tears to my eyes as these little 0rganisations Melbourne Deaf Cricket Club (Who got the ball rolling.) Deaf Sports Recreation Victoria, Deaf Sports Australia and the Victorian Council of Deaf People all got together to arrange a huge bash on Saturday 14th February.  All day they emailed each other and worked their smelly socks off. Money was donated, food was donated lighting donated – They showed just how smart, committed and comapssionate Deaf and HOH people can be.

I cant wait. Im going to get my hair done and my nails done. Its a BBQ so perhaps the little tight black dress will stay in the wardrobe. I wont miss it, the BBQ that is, the dress is another thing. Ill be there with all my little toddlers and all my money and the hubby ( YOU HEAR THAT HUBBY, AND DONT TELL ME – NO I’M DEAF.) Life can be so cruel sometimes and it is great that  we can all help in some way.

If you are in Victoria you simply must must must go to the Bushfire fundraiser. Be proud to be Deaf show them all that we care!

Come and join us at 6.30pm this Saturday. If you dont live in Victoria FLY ON OVER. It’s at Hays Paddock, off Longstaff Street, East Kew around 6.30pm. Please bring your family and friends as all are welcome. There is a huge adventure playground for the kids!

If you cant go but want to help or donate email the Melbourne Deaf Cricket Club –

I am sure all donations and support will be appreciated. See you all there duckies!!

4 thoughts on “Desma Hunts Diaries #7

  1. I have two brothers in Melbourne. My younger brother is on High Alert now. He texted me yesterday to tell us down the road he passes burnt out cars with skeletons still in them, they had no chance to get out and run….

  2. Hey Gary

    How can we donate via. I woudlr ather donate via Deaf club/ org than the usual means for now!

  3. Tony

    this fund raiser was initiated by the Melbourne Deaf Cricket Club. From here other orgs jumped on board to help get it organised.

    The Melbourne deaf Cricket Club will bank all money through the Cricket Australia Bushfire Appeal. The link is:

    Any one who donates please email th Melbourne deaf Cricket club and let them know you have donated from this initiative. They will then be able to acknowledge your contribution.

    Cheers and thanks.

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