Desma Hunt's Diaries #3

I have had a dreadful morning, simply dreadful. I was blow drying my hair and the power cut out. Talk about a bad hair day.

It all started in the morning. I was in the shower and my middle son ran in and said,”There is a power cord in the laundry.” I was tired so I assumed that is what he said even though it seemed a weird thing to say. I told him that there were several of them in the laundry. He looked at me as if I was quite mad and left. I was naked and wet – I did not have time for him.

I hopped out of the shower, wrapped myself in a large towel – not that i need a large one – and started blow drying my hair. Then POOOOOOOOOF – no power. Having half my head frizzy is not my idea of a good morning.

I raced down stairs to find out what had happened. My son was able to clarify that he had not been speaking of power cords, but of the man from Powercor.  What quite he made of my comment that there were several of them in the laundry I have no idea! I was reminded, yet again, that lip-reading is not an exact science.

It was actually quite serious because the man from Powercor had come to disconnect the power and that is exactly what he did. He cut off the power with not so much as a note or a card. I can tell you now that If I ever see him my fry-pan will be put to good use.

Rather miffed and confused I called the electricity company through the National Relay Service. It is just as well that I have a wireless modem and a laptop because the lack of power made the TTY obsolete. Using MSN and the IP Relay I called the power company. I was half way through explaining what had happened when the line dropped out, as it frequently does with Ip Relay in Australia. This happened not once, not twice but three times.

Whilst my three boys moaned that they could not play the WII or watch their DVD’s I busied myself trying to get the power reconnected. As it turns out the power was disconnected in error. Some brainless male or female administrative person had bungled the set up of our electricity account making it seem as if we had not paid our bill. It took me no less than four hours to get to the bottom of it!

The power will be restored tonight. But what I can’t get over is that i missed seeing a man in overalls this morning and  I do LIKE a man in overalls – don’t you?

I’m Desma Hunt. I’m Deaf and I hate it!

The above is a truish account of a real event 🙂