Research Project: Deafness & Sexuality

Hi. This is Tony Nicholas of Mephisto’s Musings writing to tell you about an important survey I am working on with a colleague, Warwick Abraham.

The research project,  Deafness and Sexuality, which I have written about on two occassions previously, in Mephisto’s Musings: Research Project [see also Research Project Update], and has been mentioned in the AAD [now Deaf Australia] when they still had a forum, is still seeking participants.

Especially from Australian Deaf and deaf.

The survey is concerned with how our deafness impacts our ability to receive information on sex and sexuality, and the opportunities we receive to seek and express our sexuality. No other survery/ research project, to my knowledge, has been carried out into Deaf/deaf and  Sexuality.

I am inviting readers of this blog to participate in this important research project. Confidentiality is guaranteed, as the survey can be done anonymously.

Just a note, I have said in the past, while Deaf and deaf Gays and Lesbians are the focus of this survey, I would like Deaf and deaf people who identify as straight [heterosexual], bisexual, or transgender to consider doing the survey. Our deafness impacts how we receive information on sex and sexuality.

This is an important survey. To my knowledge, no other survery/ research has been carried out into Deaf/deaf and  Sexuality. So, I hope that you would consider doing this survey, or past it on to someone who you think will.

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7 thoughts on “Research Project: Deafness & Sexuality

  1. One suggestion…please call your project Deaf people and Sexuality. Deafness is a medical view. Thank you.

  2. Susan, the project doesn’t have a title as such.. but yeah can see your point re: the title, but I wrote up the post last night, after a dogged day.. so my brain wasn’t in gear! But will bear your suggestion in mind, when I talk to the project co-ordinator next time!

    PS I hope you will consider completing the questionnaire.

  3. As I understand it you are dealing with Deaf and also people who may consider themselves as deaf … small d.

    Given this the term deafness might be the correct term in this instance …. Both groups might have trouble accessing and understanding info about sex and sexuality for obvious reasons.

    Food for thought.

  4. Can we not turn this into a discussion about the little d or the big D.

    How about completing the questionnaire?

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